How we can help?

Direct medical school programs (also called BS/MD programs, BA/MD programs, 7 year programs or accelerated programs) are typically the most competitive applications in the entire country. With acceptance rates ~2% for many schools, these programs are exceptionally difficult to gain admission into.

At MedSchoolCoach, we have a team of physician advisors who have served on BS/MD admissions committees helping our students. That is why over the last 10 years we've helped over 300 students get into BS/MD programs!

Our Approach

We employ a comprehensive strategy and approach that has been successful over and over again. It includes:

  • Creation and implementation of strategy for the BS/MD process with the help of a college coach
  • Creation of a school list, including both BS/MD as well as traditional schools
  • Brainstorming, drafting and editing of the common application personal statement with the help of a college coach
  • "Why Medicine" essay editing by an MD physician advisor with admissions committee experience
  • Supplemental application editing via a team approach
  • Mock interviews by an MD physician advisor with admissions committee experience


Actual Physicians

Physician Advisors

Admissions committees at direct medical programs (BA/BS/MD programs) are made up of actual physicians. That is who you want helping you review your application and strategy. Our team is composed of physicians who have served on direct medical program admissions committees (such as Northwestern HPME).

BS/MD Experience

Proven Results

No one has as much direct medical program experience as we do at MedSchoolCoach/IvyLeagueCoach. In fact, we've been doing it for over 10 years with amazing success. We have helped students get into virtually every direct medical program in the country over that time.

Complete Solution

Traditional + BS/MD

For many students, a BS/MD program is one of the many schools they will be applying to. Many candidates who are competitive for these direct medical programs are also competitive for exceptional schools. We help through all aspects of the college process.


What is included?

We believe in comprehensive help through the college admissions process. Anything less is short changing our chance to make a true impact. Therefore, most of our students are on a complete package that takes them through all aspects of the application including:

  • School list creation
  • Activity planning
  • Standardized testing planning
  • Letters of recommendation help
  • Personal statement editing
  • Common application editing
  • CV/Resume preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Waitlist letters
  • School selection
  • Scholarship essays
How will you help with the personal statement?

Perhaps one the most daunting tasks for college students is writing the common application personal statement. Our coaches help our students brainstorm, develop, edit and refine their personal statements through many revisions, helping make it the center point of their application.

Who will be my child's coach?

A successful college applicant is borne from a team approach. At IvyLeagueCoach, we believe in working as a team to help your son/daughter achieve their dreams. All coaching is overseen by Dr. Sahil Mehta, admissions expert and founder of IvyLeagueCoach, and conducted by the in-house IvyLeagueCoach team. You can read more about our Coaches by clicking "About".

What are your results?

Great question! We've helped over 10,000 students achieve success in the college and medical school admissions process. We've placed students at schools ranging from Harvard to tiny liberal arts schools based on what was best for each individual student. You can read more about our results under "Results & Success".

What do the physicians do?

Actual physicians who have been on admissions committees of BS/MD programs make up the core of our team. Your child will work closely with one of our admissions counselors plus a BS/MD specific counselor to help achieve success in both the traditional college process as well as the direct medical process.

What does it cost?

Find out about our pricing and structure by contacting us or clicking here. Our pricing starts as low as $450. Comprehensive packages start at $3000.

I have many more questions!

We expect you to! That's why we want to get on the phone with you to help you answer them. Please use the contact forms to send us an email or call us so we can be in touch.

Actual physicians who have served on BS/MD admissions committees helping your child get in.