The Challenge

College admissions is increasingly competitive. Students, and their families, are often stressed about the activities they should choose in high school or even earlier. From clubs to hobbies, sports to summer research, there are so many opportunities to choose from that it is easy to get lost.

For parents, finding the right mix of activities, academics and volunteer work is often difficult. Far too often students are pushed incorrectly and end up failing, rather than succeeding in making their eventual college applications great.

Our Solution

Regular one-on-one coaching by experts can not only position students for long term success, but also alleviate much stress. To that end, IvyLeagueCoach meets with students in eighth and ninth grades to help students execute their designed strategies in order to gain acceptance into top schools,  and ensures that students are performing at the height of their academic potential. The more students strategically use their time throughout high school, the stronger their skills and high school resume will be when they apply to college.


How we can help?

With our early college planning, students are able to receive comprehensive, one-on-one help early in their high school careers (8th – 10th grade) in order to develop the extracurricular and academic profile that will make them successful in the college application process.


Detailed Assessment

To start the early college planning process, we employ a detailed intake assessment to understand where your son/daughter stands, what their goals are and where they need help.


Mentor Matching

We match our early planning students with a mentor who can best help them realize their potential and achieve their goals. This mentor goes through various sessions with the student covering anything that needs to be covered in each.


Ongoing Help

Our help doesn’t end with one session. We believe in comprehensive help throughout the pre-application years. That means we provide unlimited advising and email exchanges to get your child where they need to be.



A complete strategy from day 1 of high school onwards when it comes to extracurricular planning, academic strategy and more.


Strategy is only as good as its implementation. That is why we have built in extensive checks to make sure our students are on the right path.


Plans change. Life throws curveballs. That’s not only okay, it’s expected. Our strategy involves continual reassessment to assure that student’s goals can be met.


What is included?

We believe in comprehensive help through the college admissions process. Anything less is short changing our chance to make a true impact. Therefore, most of our students are on a complete package that takes them through all aspects of the application including:

  • School list creation
  • Activity planning
  • Standardized testing planning
  • Letters of recommendation help
  • Personal statement editing
  • Common application editing
  • CV/Resume preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Waitlist letters
  • School selection
  • Scholarship essays

How will you help with the personal statement?

Perhaps one the most daunting tasks for college students is writing the common application personal statement. Our coaches help our students brainstorm, develop, edit and refine their personal statements through many revisions, helping make it the center point of their application.

Who will be my child’s coach?

A successful college applicant is borne from a team approach. At IvyLeagueCoach, we believe in working as a team to help your son/daughter achieve their dreams. All coaching is overseen by Dr. Sahil Mehta, admissions expert and founder of IvyLeagueCoach, and conducted by the in-house IvyLeagueCoach team. You can read more about our Coaches by clicking “About”.

What are your results?

Great question! We’ve helped over 10,000 students achieve success in the college and medical school admissions process. We’ve placed students at schools ranging from Harvard to tiny liberal arts schools based on what was best for each individual student. You can read more about our results under “Results & Success”.

What does it cost?

Find out about our pricing and structure by contacting us or clicking here.

I have many more questions!

We expect you to! That’s why we want to get on the phone with you to help you answer them. Please use the contact forms to send us an email or call us so we can be in touch.



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