We go deep to unlock each and every student's potential, helping them achieve their individual dreams.

We develop a game plan that is sure to succeed and execute with our students and their families.

We go above and beyond for each and every student; it's why we've been so succesful over the last 10 years.



Strategic Planning

Which problem do you solve first? It doesn't matter. If you have time and energy, fix the one that will be the biggest boost to your bottom line.

Understanding Goals

Every student has a unique set of goals. Some want to become physicians, others engineers or lawyers. Still others have no idea what they want to do. Each student poses a unique challenge and our first step is to understand and define goals.

Analyze Your Situtation

No matter if your child is a freshman in high school or a senior, we can help. We work with each student to analyze their particular situation, including their school size, reputation, availability of extracurriculars and summer programs, etc to plan each step of the process.

Game Plan

With your goals and situation now understood, we can take the next steps in helping you outline your game plan. What AP courses should you take? How can you do something over the summer that will set you apart? What is the best extracurricular to stay involved in? We'll put forth a game plan and help you execute. 


Application Execution

After all the years of hard work, after school activities and studying for standardized tests, we must synthesize the experience onto a few pieces of paper in order to be successful.

School Selection

There are thousands of colleges and universities across the country. The identification of the right one for you is not an easy task. We help understand the strengths of each school and how it relates to each individual student's goals.

Personal Statement

Perhaps the best known, and most feared part, of any college application is the personal statement. These 500 words could dictate where you end up in college. Through extensive brainstorming, meticulous editing and creative writing, we help you craft a great statement that will stand apart. 

Interview Preparation

Many schools, and particular direct medical programs, have interviews as part of their admissions process. While these interviews can be portrayed as informal, make no mistake that they are a large part of the acceptance process. We prep our students for interviews using a proven approach - in fact, we've conducted nearly 50,000 mock interviews with great success.


Continued Support

Applying to college is the hard part, but choosing the right school and succeeding at that school is equally as difficult. At IvyLeagueCoach, we are continually helping our students long after the application is complete.

Wait List

If you find yourself on a wait list for the college of your dreams, there are specific steps you can take in order to be selected from it. We help our students navigate that process with great success.

School Decision

Choosing from a handful of acceptances is among the most gratifying, but nerve wracking, decision of a student and their family. We help weigh each school and align our students with the right college for their goals.

Ongoing Assistance

Being a successful college student, particularly a pre-med, means continuing to make the right decisions throughout school. We help students get on the right track and stay on the right track as they go through their college years.


Achieving success in applying to the top 30 schools in the country requires a different approach. Our core has been helping students through the most difficult admissions processes for over 10 years with incredible success.

Aspirations to become a physician often come early, but many students struggle in college to achieve what it takes to get into medical school. Much of this is due to poor planning and execution, rather than limited ability. Founded by an MD, we understand exactly what it takes.

With thousands of colleges across the US, choosing, applying to, and being accepted into the correct one for your child is becoming increasingly difficult. We help with every step of the process in order to allow optimal success, no matter what future career choices one makes.

We help students from abroad make their US education dreams come true by helping them shape their application, apply to the correct programs and providing support throughout the admissions process.

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