A successful BS/MD or Direct Medical School strategy starts early with

  • Working with physician advisors who have been on admissions committees
  • Preparation for "Why MD" essay
  • Interview preparation with actual physicians

Being successful in the application process requires

  • Time management with deadlines
  • Personal statement brainstorming & editing
  • Application review & editing
  • School list creation

Becoming a pre-med who eventually matriculates into medical school requires

  • Detailed class planning
  • Choosing the right pre-med programs
  • Participating in the correct extra-curricular activities

If you are interested in a top-30 school, you have to take extra steps to be successful including

  • Defining realistic goals
  • Crafting an exceptionally unique application
  • Understanding what top schools are looking for in their applicants
  • Transcending the "statistics"



Positioning yourself as an excellent applicant can do more than just get you an acceptance, it can get you a scholarship.


Developing a CV or resume for college of one of the most important things any young student can do.

Personal statement

500 words can make the difference between an acceptance and a rejection.

Summer programs

Utilizing summers to partake in activities that set students apart is an absolute requisite to getting into a great college.

Extracurricular activities

Plan appropriate involvement in activities, while maintaining an ability to perform well in school undue stress.

School list

Research a school list and structure it for optimal success throughout your career.


Prepare for interviews with former admissions committee members.

Financial aid

Information on how to pay for school when the time comes.

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